PNDA Marketing

The music business is an ever changing industry that has become more tech driven than ever. Social media and streaming are the new means of creating a brand and establishing a fanbase as an artist. 

Currently, the fastest growing social media platform in the world is TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly. This platform has created overnight fame for many Major/independent artists. Here at PNDA, we specialize in this form of marketing. We don’t just have a relationship with some of the biggest influencers in the world, but we manage some of them too. Having everything in house gives us the ability to see the project through from start to finish. From quality control during the creation, to giving the product the proper exposure by using modern day marketing techniques to make it reach as many ears possible. Although we recommend TikTok as our go to platform for marketing music, its not our only option. The same influencers we have relationships with on TikTok, also have a millions of fans on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Our network of influencers have over 500 million followers combining platforms. If you have a thriving project or even a product with massive potential, we are the modern day artists liason to the masses. 

At PNDA, we are very particular about the clients we work with. We want to make sure that the product that we are marketing has the ability to create massive success. If you would like to inquire about marketing your music, please email the address below. 

Marketing Inquiries